Our Story

Founded 2016

At Pangean, we like to think of ourselves as a pioneer – uniting the continents one batch at a time. The supercontinent may have existed long ago, but we still believe in the spirit of global unity. In an attempt to keep the momentum going, our internationally harvested coffees are a small way we can reunite the world.

Our philosophy is simple, to acquire the best coffee beans available around the world – and to roast these beans to enhance their inherent, individual characteristics. Inspired by a roasting experience in Australia, Mike Westphall found his calling in the art of the roast. We search the world high and low for beans that are organic, single-source and purchased solely from free trade plantations. Once we fall in love with a flavor, we roast the beans in small batches so that its at its peak freshness by the time its in your hands.

We make and sell coffee at it’s optimum shelf life, five – six days past its roasting date. We roast for the individual as well as roasting for wholesale, delivery is free in the Tucson Area. Traveling the world is expensive but for the price of a cup of coffee, you too can experience all the subtle flavors the world has to offer.

1525 N. Wilmot Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712